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General pests that are of worry to construction businesses are mainly poisonous spiders (such as red-backs) and German cockroaches that threaten the health and wellbeing of the employees and crew.

During the pre-construction interval, construction businesses are generally expected to follow Australian standard. As according to the Building Code of Australia (BCA), construction businesses must comply with Australian Standards AS3660.1 and 3660.3 in regards to new building work.

Any development that has a timber component i.e. wood structure, decorative timbers, skirting boards, window frames etc..

It's important for builders to consider their options when choosing the proper pest control management program for any new building works. Termite management systems have to be implemented in most new development works according to the BCA. Flick Anticimex is a partner for builders around the country and are known to install pest control management systems in new building works.

Our industry-leading termite management methods include:.

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Our installation procedures are incorporated as part of the construction processes and are non-hazardous, non-toxic, and non-invasive, making it safe to both humans and animals. Thus, don't get caught without installing the suitable pest management program; contact Flick Anticimex today!

Construction companies and Flick Anticimex have a long history of working together in order to guard and secure the integrity of your residential/commercial developments. We provide a competitive pricing model covering all pest management consumables and equipment. In addition, we provide termite treatments according to the needs of your development/property. .

Our network of branches around Australia, in addition to our comprehensive training for technicians, ensures we have the tools to solve all situations. A dependable and trusted account manager will be assigned to your company when you sign up for our pest control providers. To ease transparency and shared knowledge, frequent meetings are arranged between both parties.

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Online reporting is supplied to ensure traceability of services provided by Flick Anticimex. .

Our innovative Anticimex Smart technology is the most up-to-date in rodent control for the commercial developments. The wise system is designed to constantly monitor websites, allowing us to instantly respond and solve rodent action irrespective of time or day. It's an environmentally friendly way to eliminate rodent infestations as all accompanying baits are non-toxic.

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Steel roof houses are not termite proof. Other regions of the home are still vulnerable to termite attack. For instance wood flooring, kitchen and bath cabinets. Even electrical wiring.

The Main Principles Of Termite Control Tips Some Known Facts About Termite Control Tips.

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Under the Building Regulations, your new house must be fitted using a management system or be constructed with termite resistant structural materials.

As the homeowner you can pick of the type of termite protection installed into your new home. The only opportunity you need to make this choice is prior to the commencement of construction.

Termitrust Pest Control is a division of the Termi Home & industrial network that index has been providing termite barriers for new houses for more than two decades.

The Main Principles Of Termite Control Tips

The Termimesh SystemThe original non-poisonous physical termite barrier which set new standards throughout Australia and the world. It has a proven record in over 500,000 homes worldwide since our first installations in 1992. The Termimesh System is installed around service penetrations prior to slab pour and throughout the perimeter cavity walls in slab level and does not rely on any substance treatment. .

Smartfilm Termite BlanketSmartfilm is unique to our Australian network and is a proven chemical impregnated blanket which is repellent to termites.  Our perimeter installations only utilize Termimesh penetration protection as additional benefit to the machine.

Chemical Reticulation Soil Treatment SystemsThese are rechargeable, piping systems that deliver termiticide the ground next to areas under and around the house. The soil is a deterrent to termites.  As any termiticide will crack down in a couple of decades, reticulation systems offer the benefit of being able to retreatment the soil without disruption.  Again as an added benefit and level of protection, only our network installs Termimesh penetration protection with each reticulation installation. .

Hand Sprayed Chemical Soil TreatmentsMainly now only used in Western Australia, this system involves the application of a termiticide into the soil under the slab, garage floor and around the outside walls. The treated soil is a deterrent to termites.  To increase the level of protection for this procedure, we install Termimesh to all service penetrations.

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